Why RV Liquid Roof Repair Has Become So Popular

Do you own an RV?

If so, you probably know that even the best can suffer from occasional damage that’s simply part of spending so much time on the road.

Unfortunately, this can also bring your fun to an early end. That is, unless you have liquid EPDM on hand to take care of the required repairs immediately so you can continue on your way.

What Is an EPDM?

When we talk about RV liquid roof repair, we’re talking about EPDM. This stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber. In other words, it’s a form of rubber that can be applied as a liquid. This is one of the many benefits of RV liquid roof repair, which we’ll discuss next.

Ease of Use

As we just alluded to, you’re going to have a very easy time applying EPDM to the roof of your RV. Obviously, this is very important if you suffer some damage while you’re on the road. It might not be practical to find a professional who can handle the repairs for you.

Fortunately, with EPDM, you can do it on your own in about a day. Just apply the liquid to the spot where the damage occurred and wait roughly 24 hours. This will give it enough time to fully cure. In a pinch, you can probably begin moving again much earlier than that.

The Repairs Are Permanent

To be fair, that may be a bit of a stretch. However, it is fair to say that when an RV liquid roof repairjob is done properly, it stays that way for a very, very long time. At this point, numerous studies have been done to that effect. Researchers have checked back on roofs that were treated with EPDM decades earlier and found that it still holds as good as new.

The tensile strength of this material means it can hold up to the wear and tear that life on the road will put it through. It’s waterproof, too, and, as we already covered, that’s going to carry over to protecting against sleet and snow.

Again, it’s important that the RV liquid roof repairjob is done properly. There could also be other factors that play a role (e.g. structural damage that had to be addressed). As far as the EPDM goes, though, those repairs are going to be as good as permanent.

RV Liquid Roof Repair Products Are Very Affordable

Owning an RV is fun, but it can also be fairly expensive. The gasoline alone can cost a small fortune. Then there’s the insurance and routine maintenance.

That’s why it’s nice that EPDM is so affordable. While the kind that’s used to fix actual homes can be a bit expensive, the type we’re talking about for making quick repairs to your RV will only cost about $10 or $20. That’s a lot less than you’d pay to have a professional repair your roof.

Before you take your RV out on another trip, make sure you pick up some liquid EPDM so you’re prepared for the worst. That way, you’ll be ready to continue having fun.