Why Liquid EPDM Roofs Beat Out Sheet Panels

Of the course of its life, your roof will take a lot of abuse. In the winter, it’ll sit under the weight and freezing temperature of snow and ice. In the spring, when April brings her heavy storms, it’ll have to stand up against the constant pummeling of rain and possibly even hail. In summer, as the days grow longer and hotter, it’ll bake away in the sun. Yet, despite the never-ending abuse, keeping your roof in top condition is vital to the value and condition of your home, business, RV, or other roofed property.

Therefore, when you choose a new roof coating, you must take into account all of your options. There are many factors to consider, so pick wisely based on what best suits your needs. Some options might not offer the same longevity or durability as others, but you’re bound to run into the term “EPDM.”

EPDM is a rubber roof style known for its economical cost, durability, and longevity. But what you might not realize is that EPDM comes in a couple of different varieties—namely RV liquid coating and sheets. While you might be tempting to opt for sheet coverage, we are here to tell you that you need to reconsider liquid EPDM. Here’s why.


When you think of a roof, you may be thinking of standard residential shingle roofs, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of roofing. No RV drives down the road with shingles, and flat roofs such as what you’d see on a screen porch or a business also have different roofing needs. For these roof styles, seamlessness is optimal.

With EPDM sheets, you lay them out and then glue them to the roof. Unfortunately, no matter how close you lay the panels, there will be a seam. With liquid EPDM coating, though, this isn’t an issue. The liquid EPDM coating is sprayed across the roof in one clean and seamless coat that not only creates a uniform look but also seeps into every crevice, crack, and hole of your roof. Compared to sheets that come in premeasured sizes, liquid EPDM coating can be applied much thicker to create a more durable roof.


Because liquid EPDM roof coatings are sprayed onto the surface, they can, in theory, be applied to just about anything. This is why they’re perfect for everything from RVs to residential properties. No matter the shape of your roof, liquid EPDM can easily go on to create a sealed layer. What’s more, liquid EPDM roofing goes on waterproof because it’s true rubber. This way, even if you’re stuck in the middle of a rainy season, you’ll still be able to repair your roof and sit through the next rainstorm. 


Compared to EPDM panels, installing a liquid EPDM roof is easier and less expensive. With panels, you first have to prepare the roof. This can mean tearing up old materials, creating a more leveled roof, and then priming the surface. You’ll also need to purchase adhesive to attach the panels. Liquid EPDM gets rid of all these problems. You’ll save money on supplies and be done far sooner by simply spraying your roof on in one easy go.

What This Means For You

What does a less expensive, easier installation that’s more versatile and seamless mean for you? It means a faster construction that produces an all-around better roof! If you’re looking for a new roof that will last for years to come without setting you back both in time and money, you won’t find much better than an EPDM roof. Ditch the panels and go for liquid.

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