Why Is Liquid Roof a Great Choice for Your RV?

When you have an RV, you know that you want to keep it in great shape, and that means having a roof coating that can withstand the elements, especially water. Having a leak in the RV is no fun, and it can cause some massive problems, such as rotting walls and floors, and the proliferation of mold. Therefore, you want to use a high-quality product, such as Liquid Roof, which can help to provide you with the protection that you truly need.

It Provides You With Preventative Protection for the RV Roof

Why does this product provide you with protection? It is an EPDM liquid that will adhere to nearly any type of surface, for starters. This is going to create a barrier for your roof that will keep it safe from water that might otherwise find it’s way into your RV. It can provide fast repairs for small leaks, and it will go right over patches, covering them up, and providing you with the barrier you need from the water. Unlike some of the other lesser coating options, Liquid Roof can even stand up to ponding water with no problems.

You will also find that this is a highly durable type of coating that will last for years without any worry. It is flexible enough that it is not going to be damaged in extreme temperatures. In fact, it works perfectly whether the roof is 100 degrees F or -40 F. It will keep on working and looking great.

Application Is Simple

Another one of the reasons this is such a solid choice for your RV is the fact that it is so easy to apply. Liquid Roof is a true DIY product. Clean off the roof thoroughly, and then just follow the instructions from the manufacturer. You can apply it just like paint with a roller and a brush for some of the edge work.

Apply the product in any temperature without a problem. Just remember that the temperature needs to be at least 55 degrees F for it to cure. It will usually only take a couple of days to cure properly.

Instant Waterproofing

When you apply the Liquid Roof, one of the other big advantages is that it will provide waterproofing protection instantly. Even if it were to rain the same day, it is still going to be waterproof. It just means that it is going to take longer to cure. Ideally, you will want to wait until you have a couple of sunny days in a row before you apply the coating to the roof.

Your RV Will Be Cooler

One of the benefits that many people never even consider when it comes to Liquid Roof is the fact that it goes on white. This means that it will be reflecting quite a bit of the sunlight, thus keeping the temperatures in the RV lower than they would be if you were to have a darker colored roof. This is going to be quite helpful if you are traveling through or to hot areas on your vacation.

Even when you have Liquid Roof on your RV, you will want to make it a point to get up onto the roof and inspect it a couple of times each year. You want to make sure that falling branches and other debris has not caused any damage to the roof. It is easy to see why this is such a popular product for RV owners. Get your Liquid Roof coating onto your RV today and have years of peace of mind.

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