Why EPDM Is the Best of All RV Roof Coatings

Owning an RV means taking proper care of it. While there are many ways this can be done, one of the most important is by coating the roof of it with EPDM.

EPDM RV Roof Coatings Work with Almost Any Materials

No matter what kind of material your RV’s roof is made from, there’s an EPDM option that will bond to it. Best of all, no matter which of the many RV roof coatings you go with, you’ll receive top-notch protection.

It’s Easy to Apply

Speaking of its application, RV roof coatings are extremely easy to apply. For the most part, you’re just going to treat it as you would paint. You can even use paintbrushes or rollers to spread the EPDM around the roof of your trailer.

At most, you’ll need to mix the EPDM with water first, but that’s about all you’re looking at in terms of preparation aside from addressing the actual roof.

Even if you decide to hire someone who’s experienced with EPDM RV roof coatings, you shouldn’t expect to pay too much, given how easy the labor involved is.

Enjoy Major Savings

You’ll definitely have no problem finding cheap RV roof coatings when you’re in the market. However, they’re only cheap in the short term. As far as the long term goes, you’ll end up spending more as you need to keep replacing the coating over and over.

Furthermore, if you choose a cheap coating, there’s a really good chance your RV will get damaged because it will be unable to protect it. That’s definitely going to add to your costs.

EPDM is legendary for its ability to resist wear and tear for decades. They have literally done tests where researchers looked at EPDM-coated roofs 30 years after they were originally applied and the material was still good as new.

Therefore, while you may pay a bit more now, that’s a onetime cost.

Waterproof and Sun-Proof

The fact that EPDM is waterproof should come as no surprise. You wouldn’t expect anything less from an RV roof coating. As we already covered, though, it’s going to remain waterproof for decades; no amount of rain will wear it down like what can happen with many other options.

Another great thing about this type of coating is how it withstands the sun’s rays. Although most people will never see the roof of your RV, it’s nice knowing that its aesthetics won’t suffer from sun exposure.

You also won’t suffer from all that heat. Spending so much time in an RV can be tough because the sun is absolutely brutal to it. When you park, the first thing you might do is shut the windows and crank the AC for some relief. While that definitely helps, it’s also going to get pretty expensive in short order.

EPDM locks the sun out so its hot rays don’t have you feeling like you’re being cooked alive.

Don’t go long without applying a proper coating to your RV’s roof. The best possible option out there for this is EPDM.