Tips for Applying Cool Roof Coatings to Your RV

Whether you’re a DIY warrior with an RV, or a contractor who is trying out RV roof coatings for the first time, you’re in luck; cool roof coatings for RVs are easy to apply and don’t take many special skills or tools. In fact, the basic technique is a lot like applying a coat of paint to a wall. Roof coatings for RVs can not only help to keep the RV cool, but can also help protect the roof from damage and make the roof last longer.

In order to get these benefits from a cool roof coating for your RV, there are a few tips to keep in mind for the installation. First, be sure that you can safely transport materials to the roof. Liquid roof coating buckets usually weigh over 60 pounds, so be sure you can lift them up to the roof before committing to the job. You may need to separate the product into smaller containers to make it easier.

Inspect Before You Start

Our first tip is to inspect the roof before you apply cool roof coatings. You’ll want to look for existing tears or blisters, or open seams. Be careful to look around the skylight or vents for tears or any exposed foam. Serious issues must be addressed and repaired before applying this protective coating.

Check the Weather Before You Start

Most cool roof coatings for RVs need at least two days of dry, sunny weather to set properly. Be sure you check for a weekend where the weather won’t be getting too cold at night, and where no rain is imminent. You’ll want to give every single coat of protective covering a full two days to dry, so if you intend to do multiple coats, you need to watch the weather even closer.

Be Sure to Apply Thickly and Quickly

It’s best to apply liquid roof covering quickly so that it does not begin to dry before you have a chance to smooth it out. But as you are applying it, be sure that you are doing an evenly thick coat. One heavy coat can be all that you need to protect your roof. A dry coat that is 10mm thick is a job well done. If you can’t achieve this, two thin layers is just fine. Work directly from the pail, dipping your paint roller into the pail, and then spreading onto the roof. Or you can pour the product onto the roof and spread from there if the weather is cool enough. Don’t do this if the weather is hot, because the pool of product will dry too quickly.

Stand Back and Admire Your Work

Cool roof coatings for your RV are the perfect way to ensure that your home on wheels will be in great shape for decades. And once you get this coating applied, you don’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance. Take your time to do this step right, and you can enjoy years of peace when it comes to your RV roof.

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