The Best RV Roof Coating Material: Is Anything Better than Liquid Rubber?

Although there are several different materials out there for RV roofing and roof coatings, you have probably noticed an abundance of information surrounding liquid rubber roofing materials. Also sometimes called EPDM and TPO, based on their specific names, these synthetic compounds offer a number of different benefits for your RV roof. If it’s time to recoat your roof, you should take the time to get the facts about your options to make sure that you can find the best solution.

Why People Love Liquid Rubber Products

Liquid rubber roof coatings are a popular choice for many RV owners. They combat almost all of the common issues that RV roofs face on a daily basis, offering:

  • Protection from the sunlight and damaging UV rays that will make the roofing membrane more brittle and likely to crack over time.
  • Water-resistant coatings that will keep any and all leaks from getting into the camper or even into the roof deck and causing bigger damage.
  • Flexibility in changing temperatures, which is especially valuable in seasonal climates where extreme hot and cold can impact the durability of many coating materials and lead to premature damage.
  • Protection from other damage and debris that could hit the roof, such as falling branches, pollutants, wind damage, and more.

Liquid rubber is often considered the best RV roof coating material because it offers so many different applications and benefits, as seen above. You can even apply this product on your own, usually in a matter of a day or two. Plus, while it will take 24 hours to completely cure, the roofing membrane will actually be waterproof from the moment that they are applied.

Coatings Save Roof Replacements

When you use a premium liquid rubber coating for your RV roof, you are going to save yourself the hassle of a full replacement for a lot longer than you expect. This coating is essentially like painting on a brand new roof, allowing yours to last for up to 15 or 20 years, or more, depending on how often it is used and how it is stored. The best RV roof coating material will be the one that is giving you the solutions that you need without the expense of a whole new roof.

Did We Mention Insulation?

Another reason that liquid rubber roof coatings are in high demand is because, in addition to all of their other benefits, they also provide a level of insulation for the roof. In addition to reflecting extreme temperatures and sunlight, the material will insulate the RV and ensure that it maintains a more balanced climate for your enjoyment. Having this extra layer of protection and insulation can make all the difference in enjoying your garage space sometimes or all the time.

How Do I Choose the Best Products?

There are plenty of different RV roof coating material brands on the market today. Each has its own pros and cons, but you should stick with the most reputable companies that have been in business the longest. Make sure that they specialize in RVs and/or outdoor sports and camping so that you get the best tools for the job. You will also need to consider the color of the finish, although we recommend white for a reflective surface that helps keep temperatures balanced.

Finding the best RV roof coating material isn’t rocket science; it just takes a little research. Now that you know more about the perks of liquid rubber and what it can do for your RV roof, consider it for your next roofing upgrade, no matter what kind of repairs or protection you have in mind.

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