Prevention Costs Less Than Reaction: RV Roof Coatings

Camping and road trips are fun and exciting adventures. And owning an RV for these kinds of activities is something that enhances the fun and excitement when you go on one of your trips.

You can’t deny though that owning an RV can also cost you a bit of money, as well as take a big commitment from you that you’ll care for it and maintain it properly so you can continue to get the use out of it that you want.

The biggest investment you make into your chosen RV should be the upfront cost. After that, through proper care and maintenance, large monetary investments shouldn’t be a requirement for owning the camper.

There Will Be Repairs

The nature of an RV and its uses makes it something that will need repairing from time to time. You’ll have to deal with weather exposure, sun damage, changing temperatures, and exposure to branches and other debris. Some of these repairs can be expensive, so if you have many of them you could be looking at some larger investments. Not to mention, the time and effort it takes to do the repairs.

There are some things you can do to help protect your RV from damage and lower the risk of having to pay for repairs. You can prevent some repairs with a fairly simple solution. And better yet, it will cost you less money than what normal repairs will.

Start with Your Camper Roof

The largest surface on your RV is the roof. It’s also the most exposed. Therefore, it is one of the most prone areas for taking damage. To make matters worse, it’s the part of your camper that is to protect all of the items, appliances, and furniture inside it. But what protects the roof?

You can protect it by applying a RV roof coating e.g. RV Liquid Roof to the surface of your camper’s roof material. It’s something that can be done on your own, at little cost, and without difficulty.

The application process is simple. Here’s a look at how easy it is to cover your camper’s roof with rubber roof coating.

  • Start with a roof inspection.
  • Clear away any debris and clean the roof thoroughly. Use degreaser if there is grease or oily residue.
  • Allow the roof to dry completely.
  • Frame the roof surface with blue painter’s tape to reduce running of the liquid rubber product.
  • Roll roof coating product onto the entire surface evenly with medium nap roller.
  • Use paintbrushes to finish off corners, roof structures, and edges.
  • Allow rubber roof coating to fully dry before taking the camper out.

Once you finish, the roof will look brand new. It will also function as if it’s brand new. You’ll start reaping the benefits of your efforts for prevention of future damage and repair needs.

Benefits of RV Roof Coating

Preventing damage in the future will save you money, time, and stress. Coating your roof provides you with many benefits. Your roof will be waterproofed and sealed tight so moisture can’t make through into the camper’s interior where it could cause all kinds of damage. The coating will also form and airtight seal over seams, around roof structures, and any cracks that may have started to form in the roof material.

You’ll also get protection from UV ray exposure from sunlight, scratch and ding resistance, and a sealant that keeps dirt out of your camper too.

All in all you’ll be preventing incidents in the future from resulting in costly repairs. Your decision to add rubber roof coating as a preventative measure will help you not have to spend money later because there will be less occurrences, if any, of damage to your RV’s roof.

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