Make RV Roof Leaks a Thing of the Past with Liquid EPDM

So here’s the situation: you’ve dusted off the old RV, stocked its cupboards for a two-week summer vacation, and set off cross-country with the whole family in tow. Things are going great until the first big rainstorm you drive through – and the next thing you know your kids are screaming about how there’s water dripping all over them in the back. Congratulations – your vacation has just been ruined, unless you’re going to visit Death Valley. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, if you had just taken a short weekend afternoon to climb up on the roof of your RV and spent a few hours giving it a once-over searching for soft or discolored spots, the telltale signs of roof leaks, you might have avoided this whole problem before it even started.

The Quick and Easy Fix

Of course, you’re much smarter than that. You know how important it is to keep water out of your RV, and you might even know that there just happens to be a quick and easy fix for RV roof leaks; a weatherproofing treatment that takes just a few hours to apply and protects your roof from the elements as soon as you lay down the first and only coat of the stuff. It’s called liquid EPDM – sometimes called liquid roof or liquid rubber – and it’s the space-age technology that seals off any existing leaks and protects against the formation of new ones. The best part is that it takes only a few gallons of the stuff to cover the roof of even the largest Class A RV. All you do is clean off the roof of your trailer or camper, make sure it’s completely dry, and just paint it on. Before you know it, you’re done – and you’ve got the kind of rain protection that can last for years.

The Magic of Modern Chemistry

It sounds like magic but it’s really not. It’s just chemistry; the combination of several specific compounds that come together to make an impermeable synthetic rubber that’s tougher and more resilient than almost anything else on the market. Liquid EPDM is made from ethylene, propylene, and diene monomers – hence the abbreviation – and when it dries it forms a durable rubber that resists being punctured and is tough enough to not be destroyed by ultraviolet rays beating down on it in the hot sun. It’s so tough that it can last as long as a decade. The commercial version of liquid EPDM, a solid rubber membrane used on the roofs of commercial buildings, lasts even longer – 40 years on average – so this durability absolutely runs in the family. It also means that just one coating on your RV’s roof will keep you and your family dry no matter how many miles you might put on your vehicle.