The Benefits of Using Liquid EPDM to Repair Your RV’s Roof

Although RVs are some of the largest vehicles you’ll find traveling on the road—and some of the most capable—one simple leak is all it takes and all of a sudden, you won’t be taking your recreational vehicle anywhere anytime soon. Fortunately, this problem doesn’t have to cripple your travel plans for long. Instead, use an EPDM liquid roof RV repair product and you’ll be back on the road in no time without having to spend a lot of money.

Easy to Apply

First of all, EPDM liquid roof RV repair is incredibly easy to apply, meaning this is a job you should feel plenty confident handling on your own. Basically, there are four steps:

  • Address any problems the leak caused (e.g. stains inside the RV)
  • Clean the leak
  • Prime the area
  • Apply the EPDM liquid roof RV repair product of your choice

In all, the process shouldn’t take you more than a week, depending on how many coats you wish to apply. The product generally takes no more than three days to cure though.

Long Lasting

The last thing you want to do is fix the leak in your RV’s roof only to have to turn around and do it again not long after. Worse, you could find yourself on the road when the leak springs open again, leaving you stranded with the same problem you thought you had already fixed.

EPDM liquid roof RV repair products have a solid reputation of lasting for a long period of time. This is the same chemical people use on their industrial buildings to keep large areas protected for decades at a time. If it can work on a warehouse in Minnesota, where temperatures hit both extremes throughout the year and the forecast can call for days of rain, sleet or snow, EPDM can definitely tackle any conditions your RV will go up against.

Added Comfort Inside

One of the major reasons so many people use EPDM for their roofs is because of how well it works to keep the climate inside nice and comfortable. That’s because EPDM does just as good a job of keeping the elements out as it does at keeping elements in. Specifically, we’re talking about all that hot or cold air you pay for throughout the year.

Traveling in an RV should mean you get to bring many of the creature comforts of home with you. While using EPDM liquid roof RV repair to seal up leaks makes a lot of sense, it’s also a great solution for simply preempting any future issues, which is why you may want to apply it to the entire top of your vehicle.

If your RV’s roof is in trouble, repair it with an EDM coating. You’ll come in way under budget and it won’t take more than a couple hours to get the entire thing done. You can then travel at will knowing that your RV’s roof is protected from any further damage in the future.