Benefits of Liquid Roofing

Liquid roofing is a waterproofing process that must be applied by a liquid roof coating specialist. It suits different roofs that include domed, pitched, and flat. A builder can apply liquid coating to different materials such as metal, asbestos, and concrete. They provide lasting solutions to diverse pitched roofs such as skid that inhibit balconies and walkways.

The liquid roofing process existed for centuries. It is now commercial and many builders around the world use it because the coatings are quality and durable. The first elastomeric roof coating was introduced in 1975 and it is water based. The basis of liquid roof coatings these days is polyurethane coating that is moisture-cured.


1. Cost effective – The quality of liquid roof can last up to a quarter century. It will depend on the coating system that is employed. In estimation, liquid roofing is 70% cheaper than refurbishment or roof replacement situations.

2. Great performance – High quality roofing materials are use in liquid roofing. Most of the products that are utilized in the process of liquid roofing are independently tested so their performances are proven. The British Board of Agreement in the United Kingdom approves the system of liquid roofing since 1975.

3. Safety – Hot works are not included in the installation processes of liquid roofing. It is a risky process to do hot works on roofs. There is risk of catching fire in doing hot works so the safety of the occupants of the building and the contractors is compromised.

Other benefits of using liquid applied waterproofing are seamlessness, fully bonded, minimum disruption, speed and ease of installation. They are compatible with common substrate and they are easily detailed, guaranteed and proven performance, and technologically advanced. The range of specifications suits all needs. The range of finishes includes solar reflectives. Elastomeric systems are also highly available.

General Classifications of Liquid Waterproofing

Elastomeric Coating – It is a water based coating. It is a recovery application that is used to extend the life of an existing system.

Acrylic Coating – It has the benefits of elastomeric coating. It is also great in water ponding locations. This system uses a polyester reinforced fabric so it provides strength and flexibility.

Acrylic Modified Urethane Coating – This system has many advantages that include potable water storage, traffic and chemical resistance, and flexibility. It can be applied in almost every roof system. The life expectancy in this application is 15 years.

Liquid Roofing is a Multimillion Industry

It is in the vanguard of the waterproofing technology, whether for new building projects or refurbishments. The products and systems that are available can be used in different areas of structural waterproofing, car parks, and pedestrian areas.

Liquids roofing are one of the quickest growing sectors in the flat roofing market. There is an increased significance in the liquid roofing system and the demand is getting higher. Higher quality ancillary products like trims, adhesives, and insulation are particularly designed to suit liquid systems.

Liquid roofing is great for industrial, commercial, and residential needs. Find a reputable liquid roofing specialist for help.

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