A Guide To RV Roof Maintenance And Repair

The advantages of RV travel are truly innumerable. You go anywhere, at anytime, without subjecting yourself to the trials and tribulations of mass transit. You’ll never have to worry about a missed flight, a delayed train, or lost luggage. And if you have fallen in love with RV travel, you have likely purchased an RV.

As any RV owner will tell you, when it comes to RV ownership proper maintenance is essential. Remember, your RV isn’t just a means of travel; it is your home away from away. Therefore, you want to be sure to take proper care of it. You want to actively monitor the condition of your RV and correct any problems immediately to save your self the trouble of more serious problem down the line. And when it comes to RV maintenance and RV repair, make sure to pay special attention to your RV’s roof. The RV roof is your RV’s first line of defense against the external elements so it is essential that in remain in excellent condition.

RV Roof Maintenance

First of all, it is a good idea to inspect your roof regularly. RVs are often in a state of motion. As your RV travels down the road it inevitably moves and sways and the roof can move as well, loosening things up and causing seams to separate. When you inspect your roof, make note of any open seams or tears—these have the potential to develop into leaks.

You also want to make sure that you are cleaning your roof regularly. Ideally, you will want to clean the roof several times a year using a medium bristle brush and a non-abrasive cleaner. If you notice any mold or mildew growing on the roof, make sure you clean it immediately.

RV Roof Repair

If you do notice a problem with your RV roof, don’t wait to address it, seek an RV roof repair solution immediately. When it comes to tears in the roof, the best option for RV roof repair is an EPDM liquid rubber coating. Notorious for it’s extreme durability and incredibly long lifespan, EPDM is resistant to extreme temperatures and UV-rays. It is also 100% waterproof, making it ideal for leak repair. When it comes to RV roof repair, an EPDM liquid rubber coating can be an excellent choice, as it both an economical option and very easy to apply.

The Right RV Roof Repair Keeps Your RV in Good Condition Longer

You love your RV, and you want it to stay in perfect shape as long as possible. These vehicles are a huge investment, so it pays to give your RV the care and attention it really deserves. The Family Motor Coach Association, or FMCA, even has a great article about how to take care of the rubber roofs that many RVs have. No matter the type of roof that your RV has, and regardless of the size or the material, proper care and attention is vital to its longevity. It’s important to have the right RV roof repair information on hand.

The Trouble with Leaks

Undoubtedly, leaks are some of the biggest problems facing RV owners. A leak that goes undetected and untreated for any length of time will cause serious problems in the vehicle. It can cause interior damage, mold growth, and more. Rather than wait until the RV roof repair costs are astronomical, it is a good idea to take advantage of some of the products on the market that could provide some extra protection for the RV’s roof. The longer one waits for roof repair, the costlier it will be. Adding something such as EPDM coatings to the roof even before there is an issue is a good idea for many.

Easy RV Roof Repair with EPDM Liquid

Quite a few RV and motor home owners are using the liquid as a preemptive strike in the battle to keep their vehicle in good condition. It is possible to use the liquid to repair leaks already causing a problem too. EPDM is a synthetic rubber that has been available for decades. It can work well for many different types of roof, including RVs. People utilize these products for a few reasons.

First, they have been in use for so long they have a good record. The material really does protect from leaks, and plenty of happy users can attest to that. The liquid EPDM cam work with many different types of materials and that means it will have no trouble adhering to and fixing your vehicle. RV roof repair can be faster and easier with this product in your arsenal.

The application is very simple, and you will find it goes on like paint. In fact, you can use a roller or a paintbrush to apply it to your roof. It’s easy enough for nearly any DIY enthusiast to do. Since the RV roof has just a small area, it only takes a short time to do as well. Because it is a liquid, it can seep into some of the smaller cracks and holes you might not notice. This will prevent any more leaks. One of the best things about the liquid is that you will only have to apply it one time for RV roof repair. When you are working with a quality product, it really does take only a single coat to get all of the protection you need. Once you apply it, you are done and your worries are gone.