The Importance of Quality RV Roof Repair

Owning an RV isn’t always ‘smooth sailing’ as repairs can be downright tedious from time to time. The number one issue we have seen time and time again is a leaky roof.  For us who have experienced this we know the major focusis an immediate solution before excessive damage becomes a reality. To resolve this issue you need determine the extent of the damage.  Has the roof been damaged due to something falling on it or is it due to gradual wear.  It is pertinent to use the services of an experienced rv repair shop to inspect the damage and offer a solutions.  Not addressing this in the short-term will guarantee you greater problems in the future.

Costs can start to soar as time passes along with RV roof repair concerns. When there is a leaky roof present and noticeable, it will begin to worsen as each day goes by. It is the reality of damaged RV roofs and how ‘wear and tear’ can eat away at the metal, fiberglass, epdm etc. Having a committed staff evaluate the damage and ultimately provide a fair quote on the task at hand is the most important step towards repair. Leaving it as an afterthought can often turn into a bigger repair job creating unnecessarily excessive repair bills. It is best to tackle the problem before it spreads.

Each situation has a specific method to repair for example does your roof simply need a isolated repair where the leak is?  Does it require a recoating or perhaps the entire roof needs to be replaced to wood rot?  Each client has specific needs and when it comes to the roofing finish on their RV. The goal for a professional repair company is to provide a long-term solution for all roofing damages that leaves the customer satisfied that the issue will not repeat itself.  . Short-term fixes will look good to the eye, but lead to the RV owner having to head back and surely back to the repair shop. This can become frustrating for anyone as our customers have shared over the years.  There are many products out on the market to address roof leaks.  The best way to choose is to look at what customers are saying about the product.  Compliments of the Internet we can find out very quickly what products are working and which are not.

Liquid EPDM has been the solution for customers for over 26 years now.  It provides a perminante essentially an new roof for a fraction of the cost.  Since it is the only liquid EPDM rubber in the world Liquid Roof is unlike any other options on the market (i.e., elastomeric, acrylics or urethanes), which tend to start peeling away and loose adhesion within a couple years.  From looking at the many testimonials from thousands of customers we hope you will see that liquid EPDM is the solution to your RV roofing issues. With 26 years of RV repair experience; this company understands the intricacies of roof repair and how to avoid leakages on a permanent basis. Having to deal with the same issues is a result of a poor job of ‘recoating’ on roof damages. Professionally trained staff at this company value quality control and expect to deliver nothing better than the finest for clients.

Best Product for Top Quality RV Roof Repair

For any RV or motor home, there comes a time when the roof might start to leak. All those getaways and long trips in the rain, snow, and intense sun, lead to the roof of your RV becoming brittle and damaged. If you want to find an affordable and easy way to do RV roof repair, you should look into the amazing product called Liquid Roof. This product is an advanced form of EPDM (ethylene, propylene, diene monomer, M class), which is basically synthetic rubber and which provides a long lasting seal and durable roof covering.

Benefits of Liquid Roofing Products

Before the liquefied version of this product was introduced, the RV roof repair was done using sheets of actual rubber. This became tedious and was not as effective in sealing the RV roof. The liquid product gets into all the tiniest cracks, making sure that the RV roofing repair is done perfectly the first time. Basically this product can go anywhere and can also be used for a variety of other applications including motor homes, commercial vehicles, trailers and more, plus it can also be used on numerous materials including fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete, foam, and much more.

The single ply EPDM rubber has stood the test of time for over 30 years and the most unique features of this type of rubber are that it is completely UV resistant and unaffected by ozone, and it also can withstand extremely high temperature of over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal RV roofing repair product, that can retain its elasticity for much longer than other types of rubber sealants, and that it also resists fatigue and brittleness that usually comes from exposure over time.

How the RV Roof Repair Works

When you are dealing with an RV roof that has already been repaired using a different sealant, a special primer product must be used underneath the Liquid Roof. Other than this, you will simply apply the liquefied roofing product in just one coat using a paint brush, roller brush, or even a squeegee. This will ensure that the product runs into all the possible cracks and leak points, even those that you cannot necessarily see, and ensures an exceptionally tightly sealed roof. The roof will be waterproof instantly, and completely resistant to any other harsh conditions. It will also remain in perfect, flexible condition during freezing, icy weather.

What Damage Can RV Roof Repair Fix?

Any kinds of damage to your RV roof can be repaired completely using something like Liquid Roof. Your RV roof might have been scratched from branches and has started to rust. Leaks could be forming around the vents and aerials on top, or where the roof meets the edge of the RV. Whatever kinds of problems you need to repair, the liquefied rubber roofing product is definitely the way to go, as a top of the line, uniquely well suited item that works for any outdoor vehicle.

Using such a great product your RV roof repair will be a cost effective, hassle free process.

DIY Project: How to Apply Roof Coatings

Covering the roof with a protective layer is a common process for most homes. Roof coating covers the roof and prevents leaks, so it cuts down your energy costs. Roof coatings consist of liquid polymeric binders blended with pigments and other substances for durability and elasticity. Roofs that are coated with liquid membranes reflect UV sun rays, resulting in a cooler home interior as well as lower energy costs. Keeping a couple of things in mind will make this DIY project much easier to accomplish.

Prepare the roof

Clean your roof with a large broom to remove old branches, leaves, and other debris. Employ smaller wire brushes, putty knife or even a sand paper to take out old roof coating. Ensure that you don’t leave loose coating on your roof. Inspect your roof for any leaks. Remove any buildup of mildew using the solution of chlorine and water. You can clean your roof using a pressure washer machine if you have one. Smear any leakage areas with patching cement. Allow your roof to dry thoroughly.

Get the best roof coating

Find the best roof coating depending on your type of roof. Elastomeric roof coatings are normally used on concrete, brick, foam, metal, and aged aluminum. You can purchase roof coating at hardware stores in 5 gallon containers at different prices. The typical white and gray coatings will protect your roof, resulting in longer life cycles of the roof, and to reflect sunlight, resulting in lower costs of energy. Go for the correct type of product for your specific roof.

Properly apply roof coating

Plan your project in advance, ensuring you have a few hours of daytime as well as good weather. Blend the roof coating in the five-gallon bucket with the paint stir mixer according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Apply roof coating to the surface of the roof with a roller brush. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for guidelines on the amount of coating you should apply per square foot of the roof.

Begin at one end of your roof and gradually work towards the other end, and ensure you have a way to come down. Don’t undercoat or overcoat any area. Allow your coating to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Coat your roof with another layer of coating using the same procedure. Using the right applications and product can prolong the life of your roof and give it an attractive appearance.

RV Roof Coatings

Throughout the years much has changed for the RV enthusiasts in terms of roof repair.  For modern and highly effective RV roof coatings, liquid epdm rubber seems to be the most effective product options available to consumers today and has one of the longest success histories of any RV roof sealant in the industry. A liquid rubber RV roof coating can be applied very easily without any real prior experience, education.  There are numerous videos on youtube entitled Epdm Coatings that show you first hand the application and benefits.   These kinds of RV roof coatings can be implemented on an RV for a variety of different reasons; one reason that an RV roof coating will often be used is that there is some kind of problem or defect in the current RV roof structure that is exposing the vehicle to potential water damage and other problems that can arise from a compromised RV roof. Another reason for using this kind of RV roof coating is for the purpose of improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle; fuel efficiency is typically decreased substantially when there are any kinds of holes in the roofing due to increased drag on the vehicle when it is moving. For the benefit of consumers interested in RV roof coatings, some additional information about the most frequently used variation of RV roof coating will now be provided.


Liquid rubber RV roof coatings are typically formulated using a kind of liquid EPDM coating which can be quickly and easily applied to an entire RV roof or just to small sections of it, if desired. This kind of formulation is designed to dry quickly after being applied to the roof of an RV, and has been proven to be equally strong and durable as a factory applied RV roof.

Weather-Proof RV Roofing Surface

When this type of RV roof sealant is applied to an RV, it creates a totally weather-proof roofing material that is equally effective at keeping out water and other weather related elements that can potentially cause damage or complication to the function of the roof. This is a very important quality for an RV roofing material to have, since an inability to keep out the weather will quickly compromise the overall structure of a recreational vehicle.

Easy Installation

Virtually any able bodied individual is going to be capable of easily installing the kinds of RV roof coatings that rely on a liquid rubber formulation. Only one coating is needed in nearly all cases, and this kind of roof coating can be applied using some kind of brush, roller, or other application utensil that may be preferred by an RV owner or RV refurbishing professional.